Large playlist start on Android Auto seems to use too much CPU


Can there be an option to not automatically scan the local device when Symf opens.

Often when Symf starts up as part of Android Auto starting up, the scan seems to really slow down AA with Waze etc all trying to boot up at the same time. Would be great to not have Symf from scanning and I’ll just do it manually when I know I don’t need my phone doing anything heavy (my library is 40k tracks and it takes a long time)


The sync should only run when there’s song changes do you change your songs every days?

I add tracks frequently using SyncThing but I do this manually so its not continuously. I would also say it seems to scan every few days (or times Symf is started?) regardless of changes that I make.

I’d need logs then, it should not seems there’s an issue with detecting when it should sync that should be fixed.

Ok np I’ll turn on debug and try and catch it scanning thanks


Please find attached log files, I couldn’t get it to scan in normal use (opening/closing etc) however when I connect to AA it kicks off scanning.

At 2022-06-29 19:00 is when I connected my phone to AA and it started scanning and again connecting at around 21:30.

Hope it provides what you need?

Cheers (2.3 MB)

There’s no scanning in those logs, but I do see a lot of image preparation for AA that is strange.

What kind of media do you play on AA large playlist ?

Hi, yep I say scanning as it has the msg Symfonium background tasks on the screen.
I have 40k mp3s on the phone and tend to just press one of the Mix buttons like Song mix or Album Mix, or select a SmartList that has a cut of about 7k tracks in it.
I’ll try again in a bit and just select an Album and see if it does the same thing and post logs

Background task is just a background tasks it’s not always a sync.

In this case it’s the internal webserver that serves the images to Android Auto. So it will always be shown as it’s the only efficient way to serve all images to AA without memory issues. And yes large playlist can trigger a few actions that takes CPU.

Maybe in can find another way to handle the webserver security for AA since it’s only accessed locally it should not expose a private token.

Ok no worries, attached are selecting just one album if it helps.
Let me know if I can provide any further information or test something
Thanks (140.1 KB)

Hum there’s something strange.

Can you give me the exact version of Android Auto on your phone ?

Sure it is; 7.7.622134-release - 3rd June 2022

Ok I’ll see what I can optimize but it’s not a sync issue at all :slight_smile:

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Just to add, Symfonium also does a long “background tasks” action if the phone is rebooted. Not sure if this is desired as no music files have changed. Just thought I would mention it :slight_smile:

As said background task can be anything stop thinking only about media sync :slight_smile:

But no logs = can’t know.

Any file served from the web server start a service that won’t stop until 5 min timeout to allow pause / resume for example. (718.1 KB)

Hey, here you go. Turned on debug, rebooted phone and it spent about 2 hours scanning :slight_smile: even though no changes to any music files.

Ok so this one is a sync :stuck_out_tongue: Seems the OS started the app on reboot for whatever reason. But started the app before the SD card was mounted java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Volume external_primary not found Will fix to handle this case.

But with that said, sync performance is abysmal what kind of SDcard do you use on that device?


Find attached for your interest.

Used AA in my car 15/07 at about 1730 and 1900

The reboot “rescan” seems fixed now., thank you

The “rescan” on connection to AA seems to still be there but is a lot quicker and seems ok tbh AA seems quicker on starting up now (AA has also updated to a newer version)

One new thing I noticed is that playing a track in AA and then I arrive at my destination, unplug my phone from AA, Sym still carries on playing. I have to unlock my phone and pause.

The SDcard not sure the make but its 500Gb to hold all my music and only mp3, so yes scanning sucks but content is pretty static and not 4k movies :slight_smile: (48.1 KB)


So yes it’s your SDcard that suxxx a lot with random file access I’ve just remove some checks that could be avoided.

For the stop at end I think it’s AA that does that now, if you unplug while playing it keeps playing if you stop the car it send the stop. I don’t have control over what AA sends as commands :frowning:

In that version I’ve also added some logs to see why your sync is slow can you provide logs when doing a full local device sync?

Great thank you, latest version does seems a lot quicker. :slight_smile:

SDCard is this one, so its supposedly a decent card lol (708.9 KB)