Jump between first and last song in playlist

Feature description:

Make it possible to jump between the first song and the last song in a playlist.

When playing the first song of a playlist you can not press the “back” button (it’s greyed out). After 4 seconds of playback the “back” button is not greyed out anymore, but you can just jump to the beginning of the song with it (like on any other song).

When playing the last song of a playlist you can not press the “next” button (greyed out).

I’m requesting the feature to press “next” on the last song of a playlist to jump to the first song of that playlist. Further more it should be possible to press the “back” button on the first song of a playlist to jump to the last song of that playlist.

I’m okay with this only being possible if continuous play is activated, but would like to have the feature even without continuous play (I see a difference between automatically jumping to the first song after the last song or doing so manually).

Problem solved:

I currently have a playlist with the 100 most recently added songs in my library. After the last song is played (the most recently added song), playback jumps to the first song in the playlist. If I want to listen to one of the last songs again, I have to skip the entire playlist or unlock my phone and manually skip to a song. This is far more inconvenient than pressing “Back” a few times.

It is even more inconvenient when I listen to my music in the car (Android Auto), because it is not possible to unlock the phone and jump to the desired song while driving.

Brought benefits:

It would be much easier for users of bluetooth devices or drivers to jump from the first song of a playlist (or an album) to the last song and the other way around. There would be no need to skip the whole playlist or unlocking the phone.

Other application solutions:

Other phone applications or media servers (like navidrome) I used simply allow jumping back and forth between the first and the last song of a playlist.

Additional description and context:

Jumping from the first to the last song of my playlist needs 99 turns of the little wheel on my steering wheel or 198 taps on my bluetooth headphones in contrast to 1 back turn or 2 taps respectively.