Jukebox mode support


Sorry if this was asked and answered before. Tried searching for similar questions and found none, so here it goes:
Does symfonium support subsonics API for jukebox mode?
I use Navidrome as my server and they are in the process of finishing up support for jukebox mode (being able to playback on the device hosting the server instead of streaming it elsewhere).
Thanks in advance,

No it does not and won’t. The API is limited and quite broken.

Install An UPnP Audio Media Renderer based on MPD or Kodi or other upnp daemon to have a better experience from Symfonium.

Got it. Actually, I’ve already tried the upnp method via Kodi renderer and it does work well. All I really need is for the files to be played ‘as-is’, without conversion/compression/reencoding.
Not withstanding, I would prefer to have less software involved, and I got a bit tired of Kodi through several years using it.
Thanks for your quick response.