Jellyfin Sync Not Updating Library

Issue description:

I had to reinstall Jellyfin today, and it’s all set up as it was and working fine. When I tried to access my library in Symfonium, nothing would play. Removed the provider and re-added Jellyfin as a provider, but when I sync, it only shows 2 artists, and very quickly runs through about 8000 files, but then nothing is actually added.
Can anyone help please? Hoping this is a simple fix!


Upload description: Evo072

Additional information:

I added Navidrome as a provider (via docker container, like Jellyfin), and it found and synced all the music fine. This was just a troubleshooting step though, I don’t want to use Navidrome.


Reproduction steps:



Media provider:





Well your server only returns 2 artists, there’s no error or anything in the logs just Jellyfin returning only 2 artists.