Jellyfin lyrics are always shown as synchronized

Issue description:

I just updated to Jellyfin 10.9 and all files that I have newly added to the server have their lyrics extracted and managed by Jellyfin. However Symfonium treats all lyrics as synchronized lyrics even though there are no synchronized lyrics in the file present, all old files that haven’t been added in 10.9 and do not show lyrics in jellyfin are fine. Just the new ones show this behavior.


Upload description: OcraCore-JellyfinLyrics

Additional information:

The file in the Screenshot does not contain any synchronized lyrics. But the behavior is the same for all files added in 10.9


Reproduction steps:



Media provider:






maybe it would be a nice option to be able to choose whether Symfonium should use the embedded lyrics or the lyrics provided by the Jellyfin server.

This is a small bug I missed when they changed the end point at the last moment.

Next release will see them as unsynced as expected.

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Perfect :+1: I really appreciate the work you do