Issue with Album Artwork from Airsonic

Issue description:

On the latest Airsonic-Advanced snapshot. Album artwork doesn’t seem to be syncing correctly. Some albums are showing up with artwork but clearly not from my filesystem. For reference, I typically remove embedded artwork from files and stick to a cover.jpg in the folder.

When browsing an artist, the songs listed in “Top Tracks” seems to show the correct thumbnail but when browsing albums either nothing shows or a different artwork from some unknown source appears. Clicking “Change artwork thumbnail” and “generate from songs” pulls the artwork correctly if I do that individually.


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Additional information:

Attached images may help show what I’m talking about. First image shows the small thumbnail pulling correctly.
Second image shows either no art or unknown artwork when browsing album view
Third image shows corrected art after manually changing art thumbnail with “generate from songs” option.

If it’s hard to see, the correct thumbnail for Blind Melon Soup, should have the hype sticker on it.

Again Symfonium does not invent data it show what the server gives, like your previous issue was not a Symfonium issue but a server issue.

This is the same here, as said in the chat you have enabled the option Fetch additional metadata, this request additional data from your server for albums and artists and it’s used.

So your server return that data and Symfonium use it.

You can uncheck the option Fetch additional metadata as it will probably make the server only return the images you want. If not you need to see with the server author what images he returns for albums and artists and see if you can disable whatever scrapping system the server implements.