Is file syncing cumulative?

Issue description:

trying out symfonium, and while scanning my remote library (google drive) I find that the sync process will fail and I will have to restart it.

my question is if symfonium is losing all progress when it has to restart or is the newly established scanned files counter unique to the current run?

AKA is this going to eventually complete or will it just repeatedly scan > fail > restart forever?


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Reproduction steps:

connect to google drive, start the syncing process

leave phone alone

Media provider:

Any provider



update: it appears to have finished syncing, but I only have a very small subset of my library available to play.

i can’t determine any logic as to what music was synced and what wasn’t e.g. it’s not all artists A-C, just a random collection of artists and tracks.

i did return to the syncing sources menu and told it to re-sync, but doing so doesn’t retart the syncing process.

Yes it’s cumulative and yes pressing sync in the filter menu does restart a sync if there’s no sync already running.

Provide logs starting a new sync to see what fails.

well i created the drive shortcut directly to the music directory and so far all that has happened is it said “preparing to sync” for many hours and it drained 75% of my battery.

any ideas on what could be going on/how to resolve?

Well I need logs :slight_smile:

Force kill the app and provide logs

logs have just been generated and sent :slight_smile:

You did not force kill the app here so it’s hard to see anything.

For better logs, uninstall the app, install again add local device with empty directory.
Enable logs then add the google provider.

oh sorry, i thought you just wanted me to force kill the app so it would stop draining battery.

followed your above instructions, though also gathered a set of logs before initiating the google drive sync.

just started it and it is now running and seems to be scanning files correctly.

by the way, it worked this time, thank you for the help, loving the app.