Internet Radio not working on mobile data

Issue description:

Hi, when i play an internet radio on WiFi, it works properly but when i close the app then turn off wifi and enable mobile data and open the app and click on the radio from the list, it doesn’t play and shows “ensure that your player supports it” error and “too many errors”. I’ve tried quite a few times but still the same error. My mobile data is working properly with download 10mbps and upload of 2mbps speeds.

I have these two internet radio’s:
1.) DFM Future Bass:
2.) EDM:

Mobile Data Details:
Carrier: Jio 4G LTE
Data Plan: Active


Upload description: “AA-IR-Debug.log” is the name of the log uploaded

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

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Media provider:





You entered the image url as the mobile url in the radio settings …

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