Internet Radio m3u8 track info

I absolutely love this app! I have it set to sync with my Emby server which has several internet radio .strm files on it. I have imported them as playlists in Symfonium and they play perfectly, but the artist/track info does not show obviously. I would love to only one app for all my music needs, but I am forced to use another app (Poweramp) to give me the ability to see artist/song info. Is this a possibility?

Please provide logs during playback to see if Exoplayer get the data or not. Or at least those urls.

And BTW there’s a template for the feature requests :wink:

@d3cyph3r still around and willing to provide the data?

Seems like Emby does not pass the data either. I guess my question now is will local m3u8 files with the stream addresses pass the data?

I asked for logs or the stream to see what happens. Can you provide them?