Initial library sync failing


I was wondering if someone could help. I’m not able to sync my server to symfonium on android. I am running a largeish navidrome server.

It seems to get all the way past song syncronizing before failing. I’m able to access and play from the same sever with DSub and over the web player both internally and externally from my network.

The sync is failing both when syncing internally from my network and outside. It goes for several hours before failing so that is a bit frustrating. I’ve tried many times over several days to find the issue without luck.


I’ve attached the end of log here:

Untitled-6.log (2.7 KB)

I need logs actually reproducing the issue :slight_smile: This log is edited and lack everything needed.

Or you can do nothing…

First line of the log:

2023-08-31 12:58:19.335 Verbose/Subsonic: End Insert Song (false): 219500 [11996.82s]

So there’s a false that indicate that there was an error in last batch of sync, but well you removed that part …

Furthermore your sync is insanely slow proper logs would also show why.