Infinite trial license "expires" regularly

Issue description:

I’m on an infinite trial “license”. Symfonium regularly prompts me (once a day or two) about my trial having expired. Pressing the Restore button (“Restaurer” in the screenshot) and restarting the app reactivates it correctly.


Here’s a log generated from the screen shown below: (1,6 Mo)


Additional information:

Thanks for the amazing music player :slight_smile: !

Your device can’t talk to the server do you have some firewall or adblock?

Yeah, I do. I’ll look into that, see if I can figure out what’s preventing the app from talking to the server.

So I had an app running (TrackerControl) that I suspected might’ve been blocking Symfonium. I disabled it following our discussion here, but I just now got the license expiration screen again.

Here’s a new set of logs generated at that moment: (16,3 Ko)

You did not press restore license in that one?
I need log at that moment as that’s where the server is asked again for sure.

That’s right. Here’s the log generated after I pressed Restore. There’s a message that pops up saying no license was restored so I suppose my problem persists. (3,0 Ko)

Crap I just saw TrackerControl was active again. I’ll uninstall it to be sure, I’ll be back if/when the license expiration thing happens again. Sorry about that.

I need the logs when you press restore to see what is happening.

But you should probably just uninstall the app and start fresh to be sure.

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