Incorrect ordering of sort names with accented characters

Issue description:

When sorting by Sort name/title, accented characters appear at the end of alphabet.

For example, Ólafur Arnalds should be with the rest of the artists beginning with O. Instead, he is after Z. It appears the accented characters are sorted alphabetically amongst themselves, but after all the non-accented characters.

I have ASCII sort turned on, and Ignore articles for sort names turned on.


Upload description: sort (minimum character limit)

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Local device



Read the description of that toggle ?

Evidently I do not understand it!

Uncheck the option, the description says: If you enable the special characters won’t be sorted with the normal ones.

Now of course my lower case titles are seperated from the upper case ones. Can we not have both at once?

Also, it has not actually changed the position of the special characters, but I assume that is because I need to rebuild the database

No we can’t easily on Android.

No problem. It’s a very minor issue.

The screenshot in my original post shows another issue I’ve just noticed. Not sure if it was an app update that caused this, or the fact that I’ve just rebuilt my library from scratch, but I’ve never noticed it before. The issue being the large empty space at the end of the artists list. There is pages and pages of it. The same issue doesn’t happen on the ‘All Albums’ page, using the same view/sort settings.

Any ideas? Thanks

EDIT: It just fixed itself seemingly spontaneously. Strange.

EDIT 2: It then was has happening again without me changing anything. I tried to kill the app and scroll down the list and populate slowly to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t. Toggling the source filters on and off seems to have fixed it again for now. Just thought I would provide you with all the information.

EDIT 3: It happens again when the artists list has to reload. It’s toggling ‘Playable media only’ on and off that fixes it, or toggling an (empty) media source (folder).