Inconsistent app icon on Chromecast and Android Auto

Issue description:

With the addition of the new app icons in 2.0.0 (awesome feature, thank you), there’s some inconsistency with Chromecast and Android Auto. On Chromecast, the old app icon shows on the TV regardless if you changed it or not. On Android Auto, the new icon shows on the car screen, regardless if you changed it or not. I would expect if you changed the icon, it would reflect in Chromecast and Android Auto.

Not a big deal at all, but I figured I would report it.


I will attach logs if you want them, not sure they’re necessary here.


I will attach screenshots if you want them, also not sure they’re necessary here.

Thanks for Chromecast I completely forget to update to the new icon, there’s no plans to support multiple icons there. (Done)

For Android Auto I have not found a way so can’t make it change it does not seem to take the active launcher icon.

So after more tests and research this is not possible at all for Android Auto.

So Chromecast and Android Auto will have to live with the new icon.