In the Playlists list, display track count and time for smart playlists

Feature description:

Imported playlists display the track count and time. It would be nice to do the same for smart playlists, maybe as an option if there are performance concerns. For those of us who have just a handful playlists it should probably be OK.

Problem solved:

Get a sense of the smart playlist size without opening the playlist.

Brought benefits:

Smart playlist info in the listing.
Consistency with imported playlists.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


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I won’t add an option for that, and the calculation can’t really be saved as they are dynamic, anything with a random sort will show durations that are different when listing and then when going inside.
So the performance impact would be really huge for some kind of list and for not accurate data.

I moved from several other music players (all local) ,most recently, PlayerPro. Symfonium is superior in every way to PP, no doubt.

The only thing I miss is this in smart playlists:
“Song Count”
“Play Duration”

It is dynamic, but it’s not in the active player itself (in PP). It’s only in the listing of your Smart Playlists.

My guess is it’s probably woefully incorrect, but it is kinda cool just to see how much time it the guesstimate is for finishing that playlist.

Now, I know there are a lot of other things more critical, I certainly would vote playlist backups way ahead of this, but maybe just consider it, as a back burner feature update? :grinning:

Here’s their screen (which I shared before)

As i said many times I do don’t things that does not work properly.

Create an album smart playlist with a limit and random order, the duration would change every time you open and play the playlist.

So the playlist says it’s 2 hours, but when you play it it’s 1 hour or 4 hours, this is not a proper user experience so it’s not here.

What about just the count which should be a lot more stable?

I think that wouldn’t be any easier for him to program, it’s the same dynamic math to program.

The way PlayerPro does it is when your refresh the Smart Playlist screen, it polls the metadata and displays the math.

e.g - In the screen shot posted, if you never leave that screen, it will always give you the same X songs, and that playing time.

But, if I play t one of those smart lists, say an hour, when I go back in to that screen, it will repopulate and display X-songs played, and the math of what the remaining song play time might be.

So the whole thing is not “dynamic”, per se, but calculates as the user reopens the screen.

Anyway, it’s not a big deal. I say that, but I wind up bringing up PlayerPro every once in a while just to see how long it thinks it would take to play the whole library.

Showing the values at the top of playlist when you open it is possible as it’s valid for the content that it displays and pressing play would play exactly that number of songs for that duration.

The playlists can be displayed in too many places like home, android auto, … to always calculate it and the value would still be wrong when played.

The problem is not complexity, it’s accuracy.

I get it, and I appreciate your tenacity for perfection! :slight_smile:

The biggest reason I am here, and have dumped PlayerPro is having a dev that will actually answer when issues arise, much less consider other options.

I appreciate you listening, even if we aren’t always happy with the answer. :slight_smile: