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Hey, really nice app. I got only one problem: my Android phone is degoogled and thus, i cannot make in app purchases. Is it possible to make a full version of the app to directly buy through the appstore so degoogled people could buy it and download over the aurora store?

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Sorry but even a paid version would not work as it would have licence checks.

I currently do not have solutions for this as Google is really nervous currently and I’d risk the account.

Thank you for the fast response, even if its a sad one :frowning: Keep up the great work.

Looks like this release came just in time :slight_smile:

Under new EU law even Google now forced to comply with new rules for alternate payment systems.

This is very far from actionable in prod as details are 100% unclear we still need to give them a large share and it only applies to EU customers that we don’t know how to identify…
This is called PR bullshit hoping the authorities does not see the flaws in the law.

Google’s at it again…

Can you explain why this wouldn’t work? There are plenty of app which use this approach already? How is Symfonium any different from them?

This is indeed unfortunate, because I also thought that I’ll be able to continue using the app after the trial period. It’ by far the best app in this area.

Also, this : .

People need to understand how Google works :slight_smile:

This is against the policy, if you are caught you are ban, when banned there’s no way to have anyone fix the issue as only talking to bots.

The fact that many apps are not detected does not means that no one is detected.
There’s plenty of reports of bans/ removal about that even for link to donation in home page on open source projects.

See an example: Google Play - link to project home against policy because it contains info on donating · Issue #3768 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub (That one was lucky and not banned, but it shows that links from a target page is forbidden) or Remove all direct links to by SyntaxBlitz · Pull Request #44 · language-transfer/lt-app · GitHub

So to resume if I had support for alternate payment solution it must not be accessible from inside the application in any way including sub pages.

That means that the solution can’t be visible on the website or this forum. So build something that no one will use as no one will be aware.

About your link as explained all this is new and theorical and targeted to big companies.

  • Must only be accessible to users in EEA countries.

I have no way to know that and detect and only show for them. This only works for large companies that requires user accounts with user private data.

  • Comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) (if handling credit and debit card data).
    Developers must also provide customer support for users of the alternative billing system (including any products sold using the alternative billing system), and the alternative billing system must provide process to dispute unauthorized transactions.

Again impossible to meet for indie dev, except if they validate at some point the integration of Paypal (But many users that refuse Google also refuse Paypal)

  • Additional program requirements, including for user trust and safety and reporting, will be shared in the coming weeks.

Means we will add even more restrictions to be sure that this applies to no one because we do not care about laws.

  • For participants in this program, service fees, which support our investments in Play and Android, will continue to apply. Developers must pay Google the applicable service fees. When a consumer uses an alternative billing system, the service fee the developer pays will be reduced by 3%.

Meaning that Google would only reduce the fees by 3%, implementing all the requirement for an indie dev would could so much more than this ridiculous reduction of fees.

To resume devs are in constant fear of bans without any way to recover except with some major media support and covering.
Risking to loose everything for 0,1% of the users is certainly not worth it.

With that said as the Google bots only check links what I have already done is accepting donations on kofi and giving infinite trial duration, it’s all the same except a small header in the settings.

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This is what I’m curious about and I don’t think you answered this unless I missed something. Why isn’t an app without a free trial possible? If this was possible, then people would be able to purchase it directly from the Aurora Store.

I’m definitely interested in acquiring the infinite trial, if possible…

And when it comes to all the Google stuff, hopefully it’ll get easier when the DMA actually gets implemented.

A paid app can’t have free trial, so it would mean 2 different apps to maintain, leading to install split, rating split a lot of more works, all that for users that do not even want to use Play Store. The app would still have licence checks so would not work for legit users, but due to how shitty the paid app work on Google it would be easy to hack. Not talking about the generated support from users that purchase one but then complain that it does not work when they install the wrong one on phone change / restore.

For the trial just PM me.

I can’t seem to be able to send messages.

Hum what is the exact error permission? Probably some discourse security.

Ok seems I get it, requires 24h account. Please try again.

Sorry if this is necro-ing, but I’ve been looking for the pm function with no success. I’d like to donate for the infinite trial version, so I waited 24 hours after making my account, but at this point I’m not sure if the pm feature has been removed or if my account is still under probation.
What can I do to get on track?

I think that in all cases you need to make a post to start the timing as a security.

Anyway there’s link in a few places now so infinite trial can be get with a donation >= 6€ at then I’ll need the trial ID.

Hi! I am making this reply to start the timing and to say thank you for your work! Best regards

replying for same thing

You can also just send a private message on Ko-Fi :slight_smile: