Improving the search function by using sort fields to return results

Feature description:

I would like the search function to be able to return results using sort fields:

  • sort album aka ALBUMSORT
  • sort album artist aka ALBUMARTISTSORT
  • sort artist aka ARTISTSORT
  • sort title aka TITLESORT
  • sort composer aka COMPOSERSORT
    I currently use Navidrome as a media provider + I store files locally on my phone.

Problem solved:

I listen to asian music a lot, and I often tag the artist name in korean/japanese/chinese because I can read it and think it is nicer this way. However switching keyboards each time that I want to search them is convoluted (it is currently the only way I know of to find them using the search in symfonium).
Usually, I use the sort fields to add the romanized name, and Navidrome is able to use it to return search results. An example : I search for “kim hyun joong” and Navidrome returns releases by artist 김현중 because their artist sort field is “김현중 kim hyun joong”.

So I would like the Symfonium search to be able to :

  • return releases and songs using the sort fields as explained above.
  • a bit trickier – I guess – but very useful to me : return an artist if one of their releases’s artist sort field match the search (so “kim hyun jong” would return “김현중” listed as an artist because at least one of 김현중’s releases use “김현중 kim hyun joong” in the sort artist field).

Brought benefits:

It would improve my user experience a lot when using the search function.

Additional description and context:

The function could either be enabled for everyone of added as an option in the settings screen. It could also be displayed on the search screen alongside the other filters to allow easy disabling/enabling.

Other thoughts: the search function could also be improved by using the “original artist” and “original album” fields. Maybe symfonium already use them? I can’t really say since I personally don’t use them.

This is a deal breaker since Subsonic does not support any of those so Symfonium does not have any of those in your case and can’t use them.

Anyway next release will search in the sort title of the actual media type (So won’t show albums by artists whose sort title is xx but at least the artist). But for the providers who provide them.