Improved Playback Reporting

Currently Symfonium seems to only report which song is currently playing (but without a timestamp) and when a song finishes playing.
It would be great if Synfonium could tell the Jellyfin server when a track starts playing as well as when it ends, because otherwise some Jellyfin plugins like Playback Reporting get confused, as they cannot determine how long a song was playing.
An additional nice feature would be if playback progress (current timestamp) could be updated in real-time, but that really is just a nice-to-have feature that I’m used to at this point.
(Also, strangely Symfonium starts sending playback progress info to Jellyfin when a song is paused for some reason, continues to update the progress in the background and finally reports playback as finished, all while the song is paused. I’m guessing it’s caching the song?)

Compare Symfonium:

To Finamp:

Hope this can be done somehow! The most important thing really would be the “is playing” / “started playing” entry in the Jellyfin activity, so that usage stats can be properly calculated :slight_smile:

It should already be the case please provide full logs

Tried the beta, live playback progress is working now, but it still doesn’t show “is playing xyz” in the activity history when starting to play a song.

Logs are here: (783.4 KB)

Let me know if you also need logs from Jellyfin

Ok so I can workaround but this will trigger some duplicate start playback events, not sure it’s best.

I’ll see to rewrite my internals but won’t be for 1.7

As long as the songs show up in playback reporting at all that would be great. But take your time!

As said it will trigger duplicates so it may show 2 or 3 is playing. (For now)

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