Improve download queue speed?

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Is there a way to speed up the download queue other than disabling the ‘Settings → Offline, cache and download → media → slower downloads’ toggle?

I have just over 12,000 songs marked for auto download and it takes hours to clear the download queue on my z fold 4 and boox palma. It’s not downloading all the tracks every time, just taking forever to check and remove from the queue.

Is it possible to make the queue run multiple downloads in parallel? I have navidrome deployed behind traefik on a server that could easily keep pace with parallel downloads.


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Please better describe your issue.

If you enable the slower downloads option then it’s slower as the name implies.

Once the media are downloaded they are not in the queue anymore. So no idea what your actual issue is.

My apologies for not being clear enough in my report.

I have Symfonium setup to auto-download a number of playlists as well as any artists/albums/songs marked as ‘favorite’ from my Navidrome instance for a total of just over 12,000 songs cached in the permanent cache and about 100Gb of data stored on the device.

Whenever Symphonium syncs with Navidrome it appears to add every file to the download queue for download, even if it’s already been downloaded previously.

Symfonium then appears to go through the huge list of files to download, will show a progress bar briefly as if its trying to download/verify the cached file, then the song gets removed from the list.

The total time for the download queue to be processed takes hours and I’m hoping I can figure out a way to speed this up or if I have some kind of setting conflict causing all the files to be processed every time Symfonium syncs with my Navidrome instance.

Well it should not, please provide a log reproducing the full sync and the start of the donwload queue.

I have uploaded a new log with the submission text ‘KemoNine’. I performed the following steps for generation:

  • Close current Symfonium session and run ‘clear recent apps’ from the Android app switcher
  • Open Symfonium
  • Go to the advanced settings and enable debug mode
  • Go to main tab, tap the filter icon
  • Tap ‘sync’ button for my Navidrome source
  • Wait for the sync to finish
  • Go to manage offline files area of app
  • Watch the download queue and ensure a number of items were processed
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Share log with text ‘KemoNine’

I have left debug mode enabled and the downloads running in case you need more log data.

If you need any additional testing/logs/etc, please let me know.

The logs makes no sense.

Just in case please wait for 11.0 to be on Play Store and provide news logs with it.

I can do that. May I ask roughly when you expect 11.0 to hit the play store?

I’m also willing to wipe the caches and re-download the files if you think that may work as a fix.

When Google validate it no one knows.

And no don’t wipe as we need to find out what is happening first.

Will do.

I’ll keep an eye out for the update and will reply to the thread once I submit logs with version 11.0

The 11.0 update became available to my phone and I performed the following steps.

  • Update app via play store
  • Run app, disable debug mode, clear download queue
  • Close app and ‘clear running apps’ via app switcher
  • Launch app
  • Enable debug mode
  • Trigger sync with my Navidrome provider
  • Go to offline file management download queue
  • The queue is empty

I also ran the above steps on a 2nd Android device with the same result.

It seems like the 11.0 update has fixed the download queue for me.

Well the joy of magic then :slight_smile:

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