Impossible to seek songs when playing through UPNP/DLNA

Issue description:

I use the app to play MP3 stored on my phone through my Yamaha amp using UPNP/DLNA.
When playing a song, seeking is not working correctly.
Few seconds agter moving the progress bar, it is comming back to the current position without moving through the song.
Likewise, the -10s and +30s buttons are not working

Logs: (2,3 Ko)

The logs does not contains everything :frowning:

You need to enable logs before selecting the renderer.

For the record a few devices do not support seeking via UPnP and not much I can do. (Yamaha N602 was the last reported to me for example)

Thanks for your quick respond.
I will do a new log export tonight
For info, my amp is a RX-V6A.
Seeking is possible via BubbleUPnP, so I think it should be possible for symfonium to do it.

Bubble have many fixes/workaround for broken devices. If you can provide their logs too it will help.

I don’t see how to generate the logs.
If you know how, tell me and I will attached them.

I also tried an app called Hi-fi cast and seeking in the song was possible.
That’s why i sure symfonium should be able to also do it

Settings / Control / Logging to file In Bubble

Here is the updated log for symfonium : (1001,7 Ko)

I also attached the logs for bubble and hifi cast:
upnp-log.txt (432,8 Ko) (72,8 Ko)

Ok thanks, so another kind of broken devices, does not seems to support fractions in seek but unable to return an error and just fails internally…

Next release will remove the fractional part, leading to exact same commands as hifi cast, so should work :slight_smile:

Ok thanks ! :+1:

Can’t wait for the new release then !