Importing a playlist results in lag when fast forwarding in songs

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Really weird issue here. Whenever I Import a playlist from my server (ampache) or create a playlist in Symfonium, there is a lot of lagging when fast forwarding in songs (even when not playing the playlist).

I got no issue prior to adding the playlist and if I remove it it’s ok again.

When playing a song, when I fast forward I get a delay before the timer and the seekbar get in the right place. It can range to a few seconds to 20 seconds. In that period of time, I can’t change songs or hit pause.

In the logs, I play a song and skip at different times. I then import a playlist and do the same thing again.


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Your database have became too much fragmented it seems and some queries to update the resume points are too slow.

Try to go to advanced settings then cleanup internal states. If it still does not work, then join beta on Play Store and once on 10.0 do the same thing then report back new logs.

Thanks, that resolved the issue! Also it’s not clear when the internal state cleaning has finished, as there is not on screen pop up or notification like a sync with a provider. But it’s Nitpicking at this point.