Import Playlists from Plex Shared category

Feature description:

Add a way to access shared playlists from Plex

For some reason, when you share a Plex playlist with another user, it shows up in their profile under “Shared” instead of under “Playlists”. But the Playlists tile on Symfonium only displays Plex lists that are directly in the Plex Playlist collection- anything in the Shared collection is not shown.

User A creates a playlists in Plex. Once syncced, it shows up in Symfonium under Playlists, exactly like one would expect. User A then shares that playlist with User B. In User B’s Plex profile, that playlist now shows up under “Shared” in Plex, and doesn’t show up in Symphonium at all.

If it’s possible, please consider either tweaking the Playlists library tile so that it also scans for playlist items under Shared (for Plex libraries), or adding a separate Shared library tile to match what’s in Plex so that these shared items are accessible.

Problem solved:

See above - shared playlists from other Plex users are completely inaccessible

Brought benefits:

This would allow users of shared Plex libraries (such as my wife and I) to be able to access shared audio resources, without having to be logged into the same account/profile.

Never used those.

Do you have a doc link or can you make a screenshot of how to create those ?

Will look when back but anything to make me gain time is a win.

I’ll explain it the best I can. And apparently I can only attach one file per post since my account is new, so hold on!

I start by going through and creating a new playlist just like usual- “My Test Playlist” below:

In that playlist, click the 3 dots menu and go to Grant Library Access…

Once in there, it brings up a list of existing friends and a box for usernames or emails of other users. In this case, since my wife is a local profile on my server, I can just select her from the list and click Send.

But then, if I switch over to her profile and go to Playlists, there is nothing there. She doesn’t have any defined playlists of her own, and shared ones don’t show up there, so it’s empty.

However, if I jump down to the Shared category on the left, the playlist that I shared with her appears just fine. It’s even marked as a Playlist, so Plex knows what it is and what to do with it. But since it isn’t listed under Playlists, Symfonium can’t find it.

Like I said, I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but if Symfonium could also read through the Shared collection and find anything that is marked as a Playlist and add it to the Library (or to a separate Shared Items library tile), that would save us a ton of headaches.

thanks for checking!

Thanks for the details.

If it’s accessible from the web interface I can access it.

The question will be the kind of data it returns to see if I can match with Symfonium data or if it’s fake IDs that require the server to access the content.

@tweak4 So did a quick test and I think it can work.

But seems the user who was granted the permission on the playlist can’t see the images when clicking on the playlist itself to see the content.

Can you confirm or not? Do I need to also share the whole library for this to work?

Oooohhh… that, I don’t know. I do have the library shared with her, but it’s been that way for a while- I didn’t do it explicitly for playlists to work. That said, it makes sense- if a playlist is a collection of pointers, the other user would only be able to play the items they have access to.

The playlists works, just the images that gives error
Anyway I’ll do more test after the holidays.

Actually did the test now and it works :wink: Will be in next release.

Fantastic. Can’t wait to see it!