Import of external playlist fails

Issue description:

Deleted playlist “Decades” as new songs were added. Attempted to import new “Decades” playlist and received an error with the suggestion to contact support. Log uploaded with identifier “kjcraw4d”.


Upload description: kjcraw4d

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Local device



I do not see any attempt to import a playlist in the recent days of the log that covers like 6 months.

Please provide a log reproducing only that issue and maybe some more details.

Hello Tolriq. This time, I decided to go the route of uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it (which provided a solution to my issue). Should the issue happen again where I’m trying to update a personal playlist, I’ll reach out. This is assuming that if I update an .m3u playlist and upload it to my phone, I need to remove/replace the old playlist in the app and import the new one to reflect any changes.

To update an m3u playlist just update it’s content then press the sync button no need to remove / add again.
And if you add the playlist in read only mode or via the automatic playlist import of the provider, then you just need to sync the provider and the playlists are updated too.