Import new playlists automatically

I’ve written a custom Subsonic server that exposes every folder on my file system as a playlist. If I import these playlists as read-only then all song additions/removals inside the playlist are handled automatically (nice!).

What would make it even more hands-off is if Symfonium would also detect and import new playlists that exist on the Subsonic server (as read-only, like now). In that way, the only thing I would have to do to add a playlist is simply create a new folder on my NAS, add some songs, and it would automatically appear in Symfonium as a new playlist.

By default they are not read only :wink:

Sorry there’s no plans for that too many side effects and settings to handle all cases, what about deletion on the server? Import as read only, then import all but X or Y.

Next version have a skip duplicate option in the import dialog, so it’s just a matter of import all with that option to import the missing ones.

Furthermore if your server returns real filenames you can use smart playlists on Symfonium to already built playlists based on the folders. [Wiki] Smart filters

Ok, fair enough! No problem, it’s not a huge hassle to import a playlist manually.

I don’t think I can use smart filters/playlists for this, since I’d have to create a new filter per playlist, correct? I mean, in my songs page in the library I cannot say: “Group all songs by folder, and create playlists for every folder”.

Btw, my server also supports returning the actual albums, it only provides folder/files when you use the older API endpoints (when you use the ‘Files’ menu in Symfonium for instance).

Yes you’d need a new filter per playlist but your need is quite very specific to your usage.

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