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Greerings I’m using symfonium to stream music from navidrome server over the lan. Is there a way to import .m3u8 playlists in symfonium? The playlists I have are from when i was using a local android music app. Symfonium is an excellent app and hoping there is some way to do this. Thanks.


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Navidrome support that I think, so import there the import in Symfonium.

Doesnt seem to work. My playlist looks like

3665-3231/music/1-01 Reflektor.mp3
3665-3231/music/01 - Sowing.mp3

What should it look like for symfonium or navidrome to import successfully?

Since you are using a Subsonic server the playlist have to be on your server.

You need to see with Navidrome support what they support, but those path looks like SDcard related so will not work in Navidrome, you need to put the proper path in them.