Import from other playlists

Feature description:

Currently Symphonium let’s us create online only playlists. But there’s no option to add tracks (from the same server) from other offline playlists.

Ability to import tracks from other playlists from the same server/provider into online only playlists would be a great addition to playlists management.

Problem solved:

Ability to merge different playlists, convert offline playlists to online only and vice versa

Brought benefits:

Unique addition to the app which will help improve playlists management

Other application solutions:

I am not sure about other apps that have implemented this.

You can manually add tracks 1 by 1 if they are from the same provider and from database and not file mode.

There’s too many possible edge case where not all song can be imported to allow a complete playlist in playlist add.

For the playlist merging it’s possible on Symfonium side via smart playlist, you can merge any playlist via the “In Playlist” filter.

Can we atleast have multi select for actions on a playlist?

Like selecting multiple tracks and deleting/adding to playlist/favourite etc.