"Ignore articles for sort names" does not appear to be working

Issue description:

This is using Local media.

  1. Tick “Ignore articles for sort names” in settings.
  2. Sort All Artists by “Sort Name”.
  3. I expect to see “The Mamas & the Papas” under M, ignoring the article ‘The’.
  4. Instead, I see it under T, along with the rest of the artists beginning with ‘The’.


Upload description: tobyburton96

Additional information:

The file by The Mamas & the Papas does not have any SORT type tags in it, just ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST.

I will upload this so you can verify, along with a video demonstrating the problem.

Apologies for the other deleted topic, my browser got confused with an earlier draft while filling in the form.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:

Local device