ID3 Tags Not Updating

Issue description:

I have modified the ID3 tags on a few albums on my Navidrome server and confirmed Navidrome shows the new tags on its web interface. I then initiated a manual sync in the app to download the changes but the albums still display the old information. I have tried erasing my offline cache but the tags to not change.

I am pretty sure that in the past I have not had any issues updating tags for entire albums.


Upload description: I’d like to discuss this issue and narrow things down before uploading logs

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Not sure.

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All the messages are very clear, logs are mandatory…

All I can say is that I need to see those logs to see the issue, and now I’ve just once again lost time to repeat what’s written everywhere.

Geez, alright…

I was hoping to get your input on what sort of actions I should perform before I upload my logs. Do you want me to just open the app and navigate aimlessly around or do you have an idea of an action I could do to get better insight into this?

The only action is sync and you do that.

So enable logs, sync wait for the end upload and tell me what album have bad data.

There’s no magic in apps.

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I removed my downloaded songs, cleared the image, media info, and internal states cache, and then re-synced everything. Logs are uploaded.

The album’s name is “Contingency Contract Pyrite/BladeCinder” which is supposed to be “Pyrite/Blade/Cinder”.

There’s no sync in those logs.

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Are the logs cleared when the app restarts? I guess I’ll sync it again.

No the logs are never cleared, only archived when you share, you can access all previous logs in the manage files as the doc explains.

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I’ve re-synced and uploaded my logs again. I erased by download cache and only synced the problem file.

Have you read the link I just gave you?

I think you don’t use the proper terms here … Sync is syncing the data from the server not offline caching a media.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up, the issue is fixed.

I spent some time browsing the forum but I guess I missed the page you shared. Thanks for your time.