Icons on Home screen & extended player background disappear

Issue description:

Some icons on the home screen and the background of the extended player disappear (see screenshots).
I encounter this weird bug? multiple times after the Version 10.1.0 update. Just updated to 10.1.5 and it happened again.
I haven’t figured out how to trigger this. It happened at 08:07, 14:32 and a couple of times around 14:36~50.

It can quickly resolved by touching where the icons are or switching to a different screen (e.g., settings) and switching back. So not causing much trouble using the app.


Upload description: sandimy_disappear




Are your sure it happened with 10.1.5 ?

A compose bug is supposed to be fixed. But the repro is to start the app, go to home, open 2 other apps but not too heavy to kill Symfonium in background then come back to the app.

Yes, I am sure. I saw the changelog of 10.1.5 and then met this bug again.

I think I found a possible repro:

  1. open Symfonium
  2. switch to another app or phone home screen
  3. turn off screen
  4. turn the screen back on and open Symfonium

I tried the other repro (open 2 other apps), but it did not trigger this bug.

This happened the day before yesterday. I rebooted my phone earlier, so I am now 100% sure this happens with 10.1.5.

The reporo I posted was not really correct though. It seems that when the bug is “happening” the repro is valid, but when the bug is not “happening”, the repro won’t cause any problem. I have no idea how to trigger it though.

Yes it’s a Compose bug, hopefully fixed in the next 10.1.5a build waiting for Google validation.

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It’s validated, please confirm that it’s fixed or not. (Seems there’s other bugs now, that 1.7 Compose release is really a pain)

Ignore I was forced to rollback as this triggered too many crashes for everyone.

Let’s hope Google fixes those new bugs too.

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