I can't move the slider anymore

Issue description:

I can’t move the slider anymore. I can’t move back and forth in time with the slider.

Media provider:





And no logs …

Even with everything locked down, you still manage to ignore and them remove the part related to that.

Seriously exhausting …

You are probably transcoding with a server that is not OS with support to seek during transcoding.

But unfortunately I’m not a magician and can’t guess from a screenshot …

please don’t assume the worst in the future.

  • navidrome/ subsonic
  • I couldn’t attach logs because the app errored and logs aren’t saved to a system path. sharing it to another app didn’t help me either because I couldn’t select symfonium.

I could successfully upload logs now. I added the comment “symf”.

Ho I should not assume the worst, but I’m supposed to guess randomly what happened and assume the best ? :slight_smile:

You remove all means that you had an error and did not found how to manually upload the files? I suppose writing that would have avoid me having to guess no ? :wink:

The share function is made so you save the file to something else than Symfonium to upload manually or read them yourself.

Anyway yes you are using a server that does not yet support seeking during transcoding. Next release of Navidrome will support that.

This is duplicate BTW.

I did write it but I removed it after seeing that comments to the log were published publicly after reading that logs are private.

Thanks for the hint that it’s transcoding. I was able to seek in the past year. I had this issue once before but I just resetted symfonium back then which solved the issue.

I do not know what setting I changed in order to be in this situation now. I just know that I can’t seek anymore. I try a lot of settings but nothing seems to work.

I reset the playback settings.

Seeking works again.