How to get ReplayGain to work?

I’m hosting my music on Plex and have added ReplayGain tags with MusicBrainz Picard and Replay gain is set to “automatic”, but it doesn’t seem to work as my music still has different volume.

Is there anything else that I’m missing? Does Processing engine has to be activated? Is ReplayGain supposed to run on every device? Is there a specific way to add ReplayGain tags to make it work?

I’m currently scanning my library and adding tags with again with Introduction | ReplayGain Scan and will test it after it’s done and then I can also provide logs and sample files.

Please fill the template you deleted that explained that it was mandatory :slight_smile: And explained that logs are also mandatory.

It should work if you enable it, the rest I can’t tell without logs.

Okay here is a screen recording showing that the files play in different volumes, the ReplayGain values of the songs and the two songs and logs:

From the logs the files do not expose the tags.

Since you have enabled the playback cache and the songs are in it I suppose you added the tag after the file being in the cache.
Since the files are the same the cache is not updated.

You might want to start by cleaning the playback cache in advanced settings. (The force kill the app and restart after like 5 seconds) and try again.

The files in the zip have the RG values properly read and applied.

I tried that, but it still behaves the same.
Also changing the replay gain settings doesn’t make a difference.

Is there another setting that I might need to change?

I need new logs or logs without the playback cache enabled.

The only other explanation would be that plex does not send the same files or strip the RG tags and I doubt it.

OKKK so I think I figured out :frowning:

You are using APE v1 tags in mp3. So the tags are at the end of the file (not really common case). But since you are enabling playback cache the playback starts before the file is fully downloaded, so Symfonium have no access to the tags to apply the RG.

I would recommend to switch to ID3V2 tags that would work for this use case.

Okay I’ll try that.

I also tried using the files directly on my phone and there it works, although the volume is reduced a lot compared to Spotify, YouTube and other apps. Is the target for replay gain 89db and it’s there a way to increase it in the app?

The replay gain values are applied as given in the tags for the RG values. The other even less standard tags are not used.

So if you normalize everything to a lower DB target to avoid any possible clipping you need to use the EQ/DSP from Symfonium to increase the volume, like with the pre amp. If you want to push the volume higher you can even do it and enable the limiter to avoid any possible clipping.

You might want to enable AutoEQ as it might surprise you too.

I tried it again with only ID3V2 tags and only some songs work and even then it takes a few seconds for the volume to be adjusted. Once the songs are cached, it works perfectly.

Could this be a problem with Plex?

Then I need new logs for this new different problem.