How do compilations work?

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I put compilations on my home screen, and when I tap on it, Symfonium says “Nothing to display”. Media provider (Navidrome) is working fine elsewhere - meaning, I can play songs through Symfonium just fine. Is there a way to tag an album as a compilation so Symfonium recognizes it as such?



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I think all the messages that explains that logs are mandatory is a pretty good indicator :wink:

Recent Navidrome versions are supposed to support the isCompilation flag, you need to be sure to have the last navidrome version have rescanned your library there and that the tags you use are recognized by Navidrome itself.

Once Navidrome returns the proper data Symfonium will show it.

Thank you. I just uploaded my logs.

I added the COMPILATION tag to some albums, and now Navidrome is registering the albums as compilations:

but Symfonium isn’t showing any compilations in the Compilations section.

The flag is not returned by Navidrome on any album.

@deluan is the isCompilation flag really supported ? (Tracking OpenSubsonic extensions development · Issue #2695 · navidrome/navidrome · GitHub) Or maybe it’s just not returned on search3 ?

I wonder if I need to set TCMP, as per this. I didn’t think it was necessary because Navidrome seems to be reporting compilation as yes. But I’ll try it and report. Waiting for sync.

Edit: that didn’t help. I just uploaded my logs again in case there is any useful info in there.

Yes, since 0.51.0: Return `AlbumID3` in `search3` results · navidrome/navidrome@aed0309 · GitHub

And it is working with Symfonium, as you can see here:

@rockmaster What version are you using? And if Navidrome registers the album as Compilation (as per your screenshot), it should send this info in the search3 response (if you are using 0.51.0 or newer)

And here’s a snippet from a search3 response:

          "id": "a9e5ffbebc1b192506b3d980ad2dabf6",
          "name": "1–2‐3–4! Punk & New Wave 1976–1979",
          "artist": "Various Artists",
          "artistId": "03b645ef2100dfc42fa9785ea3102295",
          "coverArt": "al-a9e5ffbebc1b192506b3d980ad2dabf6_6171d110",
          "songCount": 100,
          "duration": 18256,
          "created": "2023-06-04T19:16:59.5840234Z",
          "year": 1999,
          "genre": "Punk",
          "userRating": 0,
          "genres": [
              "name": "Punk"
          "musicBrainzId": "5a9b61cb-e4b0-4b80-8226-4f6c63d0b819",
          "isCompilation": true,
          "sortName": "",
          "discTitles": [
              "disc": 1
              "disc": 2
              "disc": 3
              "disc": 4
              "disc": 5
          "originalReleaseDate": {
            "year": 1999

Thanks for confirming, now to back to new scanner :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was running 0.50.2. I just updated to the latest (0.51.1). And now it’s working!!! Thanks, everybody!

edit: apologies for not updating sooner - you did mention that I needed a newer version, Tolriq.