How can I pay for symfonium without google play?

Issue description:

There is no google play store and google play services on my phone.


How can I pay for the app?

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Duplicate of quite a few :wink:

The process is now to make a donation of at least 6€ then send me your trial ID.
Do not write anything about license or your trial ID publicly there.

This cost more than the Play Store price, but since demand is higher than anticipated this is way too much time consuming for me :frowning:

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Thank you! I’ve sent you an email.

sorry for the duplicate. The search didn’t show me anything when searching for “payment” or “purchase”.


If the license expires (will depend if the app do a server side check or not before), press restore license and restart the app.

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I just sent you a PM with my information as I am in the same boat as symfo.

See my answer there no need to post everywhere :wink:

ok, sorry, I just delete it.

Hello, Tolriq.

I would like to buy your app using this method for 2 de-googled devices. Would I have to make a separate donation for each device, or can I just make one donation above 6 Euros and send you both trial IDs at once in a PM?

Edit: Just to clarify, both devices are mine - phone + tablet

You can make a single donation for both, the amount is to cover the manual time I need to pass each time you change devices. So if you change often your devices, it would be nice to donate more.

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