HiRes support on Android


I am looking for a replacement of UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro) and Plexamp. Does Symfonium support HiRes on Android (Samsung Note 9) or is it planned?


It depends you can enable the hi res option in the settings and see if it fit your needs.

Is there any way to establish hires is working?

Hi res means nothing and everything.

If you can’t hear the difference does showing a big number matters?

What do mean by hi res, where does the sound goes ? USB DAC? Other device ? …

Logs have details.

The audio is playing through headphones attached to the jack of Samsung Note 9.

I played a demo track Bee Moved from Download samples

USB Audio Pro shows a bitrate of 3340Kbps while symfonium shows 518kB/s. These bit rates are similar but UAPP is sounding better?

The bitrate have 0 impact on the sound quality. Depending on the file the value can be approximate but when there’s no transcoding it’s irrelevant.

SampleRate and bit per sample have impacts, most device support up to 96Khz without any changes and 24b too. (Again as said only logs can tell what is happening).

And sound better is very subjective, depends on many filters or tweaks to the sound.

Enable autoEQ for your specific headphone model [Wiki] Advanced Equalizer / AutoEQ and you’ll rediscover your music too.

The log file is attached. Please can you check if HiRes is working.
debug.log (29.0 KB)

Yes from the logs there’s no resampling occurring inside the app.