Highlight previous search

Feature description:


It would be handy, when going in the search tab, that the previous search would be highlighted so you could search something else directly instead of hitting the clear button or deleting the previous search with the keyboard.

Problem solved:

The need to clear the previous search (which is almost every time in my use case)

Brought benefits:

smoother search

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Sorry but my use case is the opposite to narrow down a search if I get the wrong one.

It’s just a click to clear.

Yes, but when you narrow the search, you stay on search page.
Whereas if you were to go on the search page later on, it’s often to search something else right?

There’s no difference between returning to the page later and clicking an artist then pressing back that is as frequent usage.

The search page is also not always a tab you can access it from a button in the home page or library page.