High mobile data usage

Issue description:

Added new songs to my Jellyfin instance today, didn’t open Symfonium but it seems to have synced with the server in the background at some point and diacovered the new songs. I have a smart playlist for recently added tracks that is set to auto-download, so Symfonium started downloading the songs while I had a WiFi connection. At some point I lost the connection, and later got a warning about high mobile data usage because Symfonium used ~900 MB since March 1st.

I can’t tell when exactly this happend, maybe it’s completely unrelated to auto download. But since my cellular bitrate is set to 96kb/s, that number still seems exessive for just three days. Hopefully the logs can shed some light, I’ve had debug mode active for the last few days to catch a different bug (please excuse the large file size)…
WiFi-only downloads are enabled, btw.


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Additional information:

You have enabled the option auto cache images on the host and not wifi only so the images where cached on cellular.

Why so much images would be the question. Either you cleaned Symfonium image cache or an optimizer app deleted Symfonium cache folder.

Next version will have an option to only download / cache images when connected to Wifi.

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Okay, strange. I avoid amy “cleanup” apps and have pretty stock Android. The only thing I did recently was have Google Photos delete all my backup’d images, but that should only affect gallery images and not internal Symfonium data. Unless you save the images to a “public” location instead of app data?

Either way, that explains it. And I guess image compression would need to be supported by the server in order to reduce mobile data usage.

Thanks for the info, and I’m looking forward to the new option!

Images are in cache folder as just cache not vital for the app.

Images are already compressed in their natural format :stuck_out_tongue:

Another possiblity is that you rescraped or updated JEllyfin and it changed the IDs and the images.