Hiby R4 youtube loss of audio

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When symfonium is running in foreground or background I lose audio on YouTube in browser or dedicated App. No issues with the hiby music app and audio recovers if I force stop symfonium


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Local device



Just checking do you need debug logs or?

Well it’s written everywhere that they are mandatory. You checked a box confirming jat you have uploaded some.

So yes they are needed, I don’t even know what could have made you think they would not be.

Uploaded from the app directly under my name… let me know if you dont see it. Here is a video as well… pretty straightforward forward… no audio while on youtube and scrolling is hosed when symfonium is on and once I kill symfonium youtube works flawlessly.


There’s no YouTube on that video.

When you are playing something Symfonium request audio focus as it should. So other audio apps usually pause.

That’s the normal behavior. Please try to better describe your issue if it’s something else.

There is youtube video in the browser. I can send you the entire video… this wont allow to upload… how can I send the whole video. And i paused the music on symfonium. I can kill the app and just restart it and not play music and it will still mess with youtube playback. The mere fact that symfonium is running alone interferes with youtube / other video playback. If there is a workaround am good with that


Uploaded now… under my name

Just tried all three audio focus settings and they dont make a difference. Here is another bit of info. If I kill synfonium and start it without starting music playback, youtube works fine. As soon as I play music it completely messes youtube until i force kill symfonium. Have already tried setting decoding to internal without any luck

And what about other audio apps ?

Do they pause when Symfonium play and can resume when Symfonium is paused?

The audio focus is correct, this looks like a YouTube issue.

How can this be YouTube issue? Its affecting vimeo or any online playback… also only symfonium is causing this… already mentioned hiby music player is working flawlessly and other music app

And what about other audio apps ?

Do they pause when Symfonium play and can resume when Symfonium is paused?

So the other trial app is musicolet. Symfonium audio focus settings are at default and i played a song on symfonium and then hit play on musicolet and the symfonium song paused. I could then re play song on synfonium and then also replay song on musicolet… no audio issues on those… musicoley has internal decoding engine as well

Then try with some other video players and other audio players and see that everything works as expected.

When Symfonium give up the audio focus it have no control and can’t impact other apps, Android is secure that’s why I say that it looks like a Youtube issue.

As i mentioned it works fine on other apps…

Hiby music player, musicolet player, via browser and chrome browsers work interchangeably with youtube and vimeo… only time i face issue is symfonium

And have you tested other non Youtube app to see that it will work too and so I can answer you the exact same thing:

But it works fine with other apps …

Apps can’t impact other apps like this on Android, so it’s a device or Youtube or combination of both issue.

I know you will never believe me because you know better but well I offer you a simple way to verify and it seems easier to not verify and do assumption for you.

You can also provide a تسجيل تقارير الأخطاء وقراءتها  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers so I can show you the YT errors they will hopefully leave in logcat and other places.

Vimeo works too… not sure what else u want me to verify? Even Hiby said its an app issue (your app).

So every app but youtube works?

If you have access to Hiby support then have them tell me what the app do to trigger that since this is not possible on normal Android, and why no one have ever reported this …

And as said provide the bug report?

For the moment all you can do is but it works with other apps, without seeing that it also works with other apps for the other side of this …