Heos Upnp dropping out

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I have Symfonium running on a Pixel 7a. I have three Denon Heos devices on my WiFi network: Heos 1, Heos 3 and Heos Connect. All show up as Upnp speakers from Symfonium. When I play music via any it drops out quickly. It may play a whole track or part of a track and then just stop. If I open my phone Symfonium is showing a previous track and I need to shut it down and reopen it to get it to refresh and the music to play. Not sure what this is at all. Any ideas?


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The logs are nearly empty and do not reproduce the issue so it’s hard to tell anything.

But :

Previous exit reason: 13/400 - [UNKNOWN] cached idle & background restricted [2024-06-28 14:18:36.692]

This is probably because you enabled battery restriction on the app instead of disabling it, so the app is frozen as soon as it’s in the background.

Thanks. I will try and turn battery restrictions off