Headphones auto play not working since Android 14

Issue description:

I really like the feature of autoplay when i connect my headphones, especially when entering my car, bluetooth connects and it automatically resumes the music.
This stopped working with the update to android 14. After a few minutes without playback, the persistent media notification goes into the background (where i have to swipe down twice in the notifications).

I think this is related to some kind of battery “optimization” feature of android. I already have battery optimization to unrestricted. Hopefully someone still knows a workaround for this.


debug-20231123_175942.zip (3.8 KB)

Additional Information:

My device is a Google Pixel 6a with Android 14.
App Version: 6.1.0 (1168)

Fill the template and provide the mandatory logs please …

edited and added logs

In those logs it correctly start to play after connection to the Denon.

It does, but only after i open the app manually. I don’t have to press anything after opening the app, but i have to open it.

On Android 13 i didn’t have to do it. I was able to have the app in the background multiple hours and it started playing again after connecting headphones.

That’s why i suspect it to be an android issue

Well verify that it’s really on unrestricted for the battery and that the app still have the permission and the option is still enabled.

But from the logs the BT connection event arrive and all works after it. The app is not killed or anything, so just the OS not transmitting the events.

Ok so no Google really also broke that with Android 14 …

They really only want basic apps on Play Store now.

I already suspected it to be an android issue.
Just hoped that you know a workaround.
I’ll try reinstalling later. If it helps, i’ll post it here

I do not have a proper workaround no.