Have "Last Played" match "Play Count" minimum increment setting

Feature description:

If one uses certain criteria for smart playlists, having the “Last Played” metadata increment as selectable would be nice.

Problem solved:

I play froma smart playlist with this criteria:

Play Count < 2
Last Played > 90 days

This does a great job of “randomizing” my music, but if I leave that playlist to start another, the song playing is removed from that smart playlist.

I’d like to see that last played not move until my 99% threshold is met.

Brought benefits:

I would think that if I select the setting of 99% of song as the criteria for incrementing the play count, why not match the last played at the same time?

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Screenshots / Mockup:


You can disable resume point handling in settings to not update last played on state change.

But I’ll add an option for next release.

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Thanks for all you do!!