Has Lyrics filter

Feature description:

Ability to create a smart filter that returns songs with lyrics.

This can be implemented by adding a “Has Lyrics” option in the list of filter targets.

Problem solved:

Generate a list of songs with lyrics.

Brought benefits:

A list of songs with lyrics is useful when you are in the mood of learning new songs; however I think the most common use case is when you want to prepare a karaoke session and you want to cast only songs with lyrics.

Other application solutions:

I don’t think any other app has this feature.

Additional description and context:

What I’m also expecting from this feature is that everytime I add lyrics to an existing track my smart playlist will automatically include these tracks so I don’t need to worry about keep my playlist updated manually.

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This is not possible the lyrics are loaded by the player, I do not always store them or know that they are present before the player have loaded the tags.


At least for the local provider you could get that info during the scan process, right?

For the rest of the cases/providers, what about marking them as “has lyrics” when they are loaded into the player? That might work as a partial solution. Although that might cause confusion to users if they want to use that filter ha.

I’m using Symfonium 7.2.0B2 with Navidrome 0.52.0. Do I understand correctly that there is no way to see if a song has lyrics without actually playing the song and check if the lyrics icon appears? I would expect this information to appear in the track details, perhaps the information could be queried form the provider when opening the track details.

  1. Does not work for offline first app :wink:
  2. The function to query lyric in Navidrome is not even yet present in a public release.
  3. That would be 1 provider over 150 supported :wink: