Grouping Tracks by Albums in Playlists

Feature description:

An option to group tracks by albums within playlists, displaying the tracks as part of their respective albums rather than as individual songs.

Problem solved:

Currently, playlists in Symfonium display all tracks individually, making it difficult for users who prefer to listen to entire albums to manage and navigate their playlists. This feature would streamline the playlist view, making it easier to find and play full albums, and improving the overall user experience for album-oriented listeners.

Brought benefits:

It would greatly enhance the visual organization of playlists, making it a lot easier to navigate and select the music we want to listen to.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



You can use album smart playlists for that, and in next release even the in playlist to do exactly that.

A playlist of songs grouped by albums hides the fact that all songs are there or not and in a specific order or not and so can’t represent the reality of the playlist.

If you want an album playlist then you need to use album playlists.

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I don’t know how I didn’t notice there’s an album playlist! Thank you so much, you’re very helpful :+1:t3: