Greyed out files in offline mode

Feature description:

Thank you for the nice app. I am sorry if this was already asked for but I could not find it.
I noticed that you can still see non-cached files in playlists that contain some cached files when in offline mode. I think it would be much easier to navigate these playlists if the non-cached files were greyed out. Maybe one could also darken the images as well.
Basically, just like Spotify shows files that are currently not available.

Problem solved:

When in offline mode all playlists that contain cached files show up. Some of these playlists might also contain non-cached files. Those show up in the playlists as well. It can now be very complicated to see which files can actually be played and which cannot.

Brought benefits:

Easier navigation of playlists in offline mode

Other application solutions:

Spotify has such a system to show which songs are available and which are not. (see screenshot)

Screenshots / Mockup:

Will be in next release, the tracks are still visible to allow offline edit of the playlists without breaking ordering by forgetting that some tracks are hidden.

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Perfect, thank you so much for the amazing work you do!