Google Drive Shortcuts Support

Feature description:

Add support for shortcuts of folders to appear in the folder selection list for Google Drive. It would be preferable to add Computers folders directly but unfortunately the Google Drive API does not support this yet: Google Issue Tracker
However, to overcome this issue one can make a shortcut of the music folder in the computer drive and I think Symfonium should be able to pick that up too.

Problem solved:

Personally I don’t back up my music on Google Drive on my root drive, but rather use the “Computers” drive feature, as I have special permissions only for that drive with a service account.

Brought benefits:

Wider accessibility for those of us who use a separate drive (or just use the Google Drive desktop app) to backup our music to Drive.

Other application solutions:

Not sure this has been done by some other app.

Additional description and context:

Here’s a resource which explains how shortcuts work on GDrive:
Create a shortcut to a Drive file  |  Google Drive  |  Google for Developers.

Screenshots / Mockup:


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Please provide logs when adding Google drive in Symfonium so I can see what the API returns.

And provide a better explanation or video so I can actually reproduce your configuration as I’m not sure to understand :slight_smile:

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I think what they are asking for is to be able to use files from a Google drive computer backup, you can add those files to your regular drive as a shortcut but symfonium doesn’t see the shortcut when you go to add the folder.

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@Tetra is mostly correct. Xxx is the debug log you asked for.

Basically from the API call, you can see that it is only listing the folders with mime type application/ But those are not my only folders, as seen in the image below:

I have one more called “music” but it is a shortcut with mime type application/ I expect that Symfonium should be able to use said folder as a music source. Currently it does not retrieve this as you are calling the Google Drive API with the .folder mimeType only.

Next version will support shortcuts to folder in the root as source.

If the token have access to the target folder then it should work.


Wicked, thank you for your time and considerations!