Google Assistant not working anymore

Issue description:

In previous versions (don’t know which one), when I said “Hey Google, what’s the title of this track”, Google Assistant would give me the Artist + Title.
It’s not working anymore since the last versions (don’t know which one, but it wasn’t working in the latest 5.7.* and still not working in the 5.80). Google Assistant answers me something like “Sorry, I don’t understand your question” (not the exact answer, it’s in french).
It’s a useful feature when the phone is in my pocket while I’m busy doing something, and I don’t remember the title of the currently playing track.

In this log, i was playing a track, I started it once again, and said “Hey Google, what’s this track” and “Hey Google what’s the title of this track”, GA answered me “Sorry, I don’t understand your question”.


That’s a big hint that this is unrelated to Symfonium, GA just do not understand your question.

I have no control over GA or what Google do or break.