GIF Support for Artists/Albums etc

Feature description:

Certain media providers allow GIFs to be used for artist/album/playlist pictures, this would add said support to Symfonium.

(Jellyfin allows the use of GIFs, I am not sure about other media providers)

Problem solved:

Incorrect image displaying. Symfonium currently uses the first frame from a GIF.

Brought benefits:

Allow users to add animated images to their library via Jellyfin or Local files.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



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This is more or less a duplicate of the webp request.

The issue is that as offline first app, images are cached, and caching webp and gif that can’t be optimized will explode the storage needs.

The only solution would be to have animated support when connected and an optimized static copy offline but that’s a very major change that I’m not sure is worth it for now.

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