Genre: "80s" is showing as "[Missing Genre]"

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Issue description:

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    I have 4x Albums that are tagged with Genre of “80s” but they are appearing as “[Missing Genre]” all music is Local Device and tagged correctly with just ID3v2.3 tags and I’ve done a Sync


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Additional information:

Symfonium: 1.0.0-600 Android: 11 - 30 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: samsung - SM-A505FN [a50eea - a50]

Symfonium displays the data returned by Android and does not directly parse the tags.

I need logs during a full sync to see the data returned by Android but you probably need to force a rescan like with (630.6 KB)

Here is a full rescan log, it doesn’t seem to identify a genre of “80s” though other music apps are seeing it correctly. I’ll have a go with the rescan tool and see if I can make any difference


As said Symfonium relies on Android and does not have it’s own parser.

Can you send me one of those songs in PM so I can see what stock Android gives on it ?

Ok so can confirm stock pixel also does not return a genre for that song / album.

This sounds like a stupid Android bug because it start with a number. Can you try to rename the genre tag to something that start with a letter and see if that fix it?

Edit: And tested with other players that does not have their own scanner and they all behave the same :frowning: