(Funkwhale) Logging track listens that have not been played yet

Issue description:

Since a handful of recent updates I started to notice that Symfonium sometimes logs a track listen before said track is actually played. Seems that it happens to those tracks which are next in the queue.


debug-20231103_153459.zip (134,1 КБ)


The track listen of 15:29 should not be there

Additional information:

If you need to do tests on my funkwhale instance I’ve changed domains of it all some time ago so pls hmu I’ll provide you with a new link :stuck_out_tongue:

You played that track when offline and it pushed the status when connected back.

Most server do not properly support sending a timestamp when pushing the playback info so the time is the reconnexion time.

You can send me a new test account in PM and I’ll check if Funkwhale properly handle this and can enable the timestamp for it.


Also that’s odd, I was staying online while I was listening to music and it didn’t seem like the server would go offline all of the sudden :thinking:

Maybe symfonium looses connection with it for brief moments of time? Not too sure hmmm

There’s a few

2023-10-02 10:08:13.103 T:SubsonicLogger 
Request Error: 500 [
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  <h1>Server Error (500)</h1><p></p>

Don’t know who answer that but this can trigger offline mode.

Hm, noted, maybe the server’s running slow then.
Gotta restart it and see for whether it causes more of these issues then I suppose.

So no they do not support the time field in scrobble at all…

Since they ignore the field and don’t fail I’ve enabled sending it even if it does nothing for now.

You need to ask them to properly support the time value passed to Subsonic

(And in milliseconds as per the doc)

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Thanks for explaining! They might have it already it’s just that I’m using an old version of the software on my server as I had some serious trouble upgrading recently and I barely have any free time these days to go digging.

Will get back to you once I figure it all out then :>

Actually I’ve been thinking about it

Maybe i didn’t explain it very well, but I don’t remember this issue happening before at all. Moreover, it specifically logs listens for tracks that have not been played yet, but are just in the queuez waiting their turn.

Maybe Symfonium accidentally posts a listen when it starts to cache the next track? :thinking: Like I wasn’t doing much changes to the live version of the server recently yet it just spontaneously started happening feels a bit odd. :thinking:

Anyway yeah just letting you know in case of anything