Fully cached don't all seem to be fully cached

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I spotted whilst listening to some albums offline that I sometimes only get 30 seconds of a track before it moves on to the next, the album status says it is Fully Cached.
Ie Amon Tobin Stone Street is 5:53 but the cached file is only 0:35.

Also I have a Maps album which says it is fully cached ‘Error playing media, ensure that your player supports’, if I remove this album from the cache and add to the cache again it plays fine and the error no longer appears.

Is there a way to detect these problematic cached albums as ideally I’d want to delete and re cache?


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This can not be detected because in theory this can’t happen.

Downloads with any errors are not considered valid and should be discarded if not resumed.

I would need logs reproducing the download of invalid files to see what happens.

Only thing I know that can make that is when the server transcode and have an error during transcode but does not return an error and just close properly the connection, leading to the client supposing that everything is properly downloaded.

Since I see your host is on port 4533 I’ll suppose your use Navidrome.

@deluan what does Navidrome do when there’s a transcoding error in the stream endpoint ?

Ahh perfect, I’ll re-cache everything and check the navidrome logs for any errors related to transcoding etc.
Thanks for the pointer.

Better to have the Symfonium logs enabled too to have all the data.

It will generate large file, but should contain all to see the issue.

I also was having this issue with a few songs utilizing Navidrome and wanted to throw a +1

I had tried deleting the files from my Navidrome completely and re-uploading them manually a few times, which didn’t resolve the issue. The “new” versions of my songs still clipped off and skipped to the next track at the same point, though on the web version of Navidrome the entire song is present/playable.

I’m happy to provide more info, but I’m not the most technical user…apologies in advance.

Open your own issue with logs and details.