Force the sampling rate to the desired value

Feature description:

it could be great to force the sampling rate
with a dac we can use oversampling
but actually the dac switch automatically to the correspondant sampling rate it’s nice but the possibility to force it at 768000 max for example would be great :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

Problem solved:

not possibility to oversample

Brought benefits:

to use the oversampling with a dac :slight_smile:

Other application solutions:

an input into settings page to enter the desired sampling rate :slight_smile:

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That’s not how how it would work, the oversampling would need to be done by the app. If your DAC support oversampling it’s the DAC that must do it for better quality.

Doing oversampling by software would be less efficient and consume a lot more battery for a result that might not be as good.

yes i’m okay but the majority of dac can’t force a sampling rate, so if the software can force the sampling rate, the dac switch automatically to this sampling rate and the oversampling works

Again no, that’s not how things works …

We can’t say the sample rate is X and send data at sample rate Y and have the DAC do the oversampling this does not work like that and the sound would be broken.

To force sample rate X we need to resample to X at the app level, so the DAC does not do anything after.

okey sorry i didn’t know that it works like this, thank you for yours explanations