Force download of artists images?

Is there a way to force download of artists images? For some reason only a few (39 out of more than 1700) were downloaded

As said previously and the template says: No logs no chocolate.

Or if you are old enough: Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin Maurice ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: ahah, nice reference, sorry about that :smiley:
(Yep I’m old enough >_>)

I need logs during a sync

Ok, it’s more my misinterpretation of how it works than an actual bug.
Symfonium is downloading whatever pictures are present on the server, not from another source. The thing is, navidrome is downloading artist picture only when you browse the artist’s page.
That’s why most were missing.
=> all is working fine !
Sorry, I’ve been bothering you all day, I was just too excited to discover an app that mostly fit my needs and trying to understand it.
I’m gonna buy it actually, except for the star rating missing, Symfonium is the best app I’ve tried so far.